Why Choose us!

As Melbourne’s first pure Leasing and Property Management company, McInnes Property Management has focused on building a professional and supremely competent team of management experts to ensure we provide the finest service in Melbourne.

We are different from other agents, in that we do not have a sales department allowing us to specialise in Property Management. Our focus is exclusively on leasing and management, resulting in us being industry leaders. We are committed to taking the stress out of renting for all our clients – owners, occupiers, tradespeople and relocation consultants alike. That means taking good care of our relationships, ensuring that we are unfailingly ethical in all our dealings with everyone we encounter and that we are always looking for ways to do things better and seeking solutions that benefit everyone involved.

All of our team are passionate about what they do and are involved in ongoing personal development and professional training. In fact, that is one of our company standards. They are finely attuned to the needs of our clients, building individual relationships, and are proactive about seeking solutions and improving the quality of our client’s investments.

McInnes Property Management has been thriving for over 19 years in a highly competitive region. We have prospered and grown through referrals from our clients – that more than anything, speaks for our success!

To find out how McInnes Property Management can take the stress out of being a Landlord for you, please call us on (03) 9818 7838.