Do I need to inspect the property before putting in a tenancy application?

Yes. It is important that you view the property prior to submitting a tenancy application so you can confirm the property meets your expectations and is suitable for your needs.

How long does my application take to be approved?

Most applications will be approved within 24-48 hours. It is important to ensure that you provide references that can be easily contacted by telephone otherwise this will delay your application. Please ensure that all sections of your application have been completed in full and supporting photo ID is provided at the time of Application. Applications can be made online via our website.

How is the rent and bond calculated?

The rental is paid by twelve (12) calendar monthly payments per year and is due payable on the 1st of each month. We calculate our rental as follows:- If your rental is $400 per week then your monthly rental would be calculated as follows; $400pw divided by 7 days in the week x 365 days in the year = $20,857 divided by 12 payments equals $1,738 per month. The Bond for properties under $350pw is equivilent to one month’s rental. Where rentals are more than this, the Bond is calculated at six weeks rental. At the commencement of your tenancy, your rental will be at a pro-rata rate to adjust your rental to the 1st of each month.

What selection criteria are used to assess each application?

All applications are submitted to the owner for final approval. The owner will take into account such factors as your ability to pay the rental, any previous rental history, the lease term requested, any requests for pets, any property improvement requests as well as how soon you can commence the lease on the property.

How often can the property owner increase the rental?

On a fixed term 12 month lease the owner cannot increase the rental until the end of the fixed term period unless it is negotiated and written into the lease. If your lease expires and you stay on a month to month tenancy arrangement then you need to be aware the landlord could increase the rental every 6 months.

How do I request repairs and maintenance required on my property?

McInnes Property Management asks that all requests for repairs to be in writing. This can be done through the online request form on our website or by emailing your Property Manager. Whilst it is an owner’s responsibility to maintain the premises, property upgrades or improvements are at the sole discretion of the owner.

What if the repair is an urgent repair?

If the repair is an urgent repair as specified under the Residential Tenancies Act, then please contact your Property Manager or the McInnes Property Management Reception immediately to report the problem. If the problem occurs after hours, please contact Regina McInnes on 0412 372 602 or alternatively, our office number for the nominated team member on call.

How is the bond refunded at the end of the tenancy?

Once you have vacated the property and returned the keys to the office your Property Manager will carry out an inspection in conjunction with the ingoing condition report and property photos. Depending on the term of the tenancy some allowance will be made for ‘fair wear and tear” however, it is our expectation that any property damage is required to be made good at the Tenant’s expense. The property will need to be cleaned to a professional standard. You will be given a guide for the requirements of a final inspection at the termination of your tenancy. Your Property Manager will provide you with quotes/invoices for any rectification works required prior to a new tenancy commencing. Your Property Manager will aim to finalise your bond refund within 10 business days or make a claim to VCAT for compensation if there is cleaning/repairs/damage that is in dispute. Your bond is held by the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) where both the Tenant and Agent is required to sign the form to authorise the refund.

Can I transfer the Bond to another property?

Unfortunately, no. The Bond required to secure another new property will need to be paid prior to you vacating the current property you reside at. We cannot finalise the bond at your current property unless you have vacated and we have done our final inspection of the property.